Why build a website

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The reason of building a website is the same reason we do everything in our daily life, you build a website if you have something to say out public. This could be about your business so that you can inform your clients in the best possible way about what you offer, it could also be to advertise yourself. A lot of be people, including me, don’t feel comfortable when they hear the words “advertise yourself”, however, if you have something to say, if you work on something interesting, then let us know, let everyone know.

Another reason for making a website, maybe equally important, is that when you put yourself in the process of making a website or updating the old one, you also get to know your business better. The process of making a summary about your business and try to present all this information in a web page will get you learn more about what you actually do and offer.

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”

Bill Gates

But, there is always a tricky point! Building a website can cost a lot, so you have to think what cost means. It’s not always how much money you are spending on something, it’s about how much money can your invest get back to you. I can ensure you that internet is a big big yard full of curious people wondering around. So if you think that you have something interesting to offer make it right, do the math, find people you can trust and communicate and build a nice website so you and the curious people wondering around can benefit.

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