Do you have personal data?

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Social media are everywhere, collecting data about whatever we do and whenever we are. Thats true, but life is not like the movies, non Holywood and defently not Bollywood movies. Social media collect our data so that they can target people according their needs and interests with ads. Ads that you and me can post in order to help our business.

It’s normal that this can make a lot of people scared or suspicious but the best way to handle our fears is with knowledge. If you are planning to use social media, if you are planning to use internet in general then get yourself educate about it. Get to know internet better not just to handle the suspicious feelings behind the big Internet companies but also to learn how you may be benefit about it.

You can start by clicking the link bellow, if you are already logged in to your facebook account then it will probably ask you about your password one more time and then you can track yourself history location. Try to see where have you been in you last year birthday maybe.


If this feels spooking, you can always delete all this history and also disable it. However, think about all the thinks you benefit from the rise of the Internet and social media.

On the other hand if this does not scared you at all then you should think it twice because all this power should not be out of control.

Scared or not knowledge is the best weapon for all of us.

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